Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding Vignettes

Weddings in the family can be real fun time for relatives having a get together. Though there is usually a lot of work to be done and things get hectic, all that is forgotten in the fun had. And in this melee, there usually take place a lot of incidents which send a laugh around and also make the event memorable for all! Here I share a few vignettes from the various weddings I have attended.

`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Who Kaun Tha?

2 days before my maamu’s wedding we all had gathered in a circle to arrange the gifts for the guests. The gifts comprised of saris for the women and shirt piece/pant piece for the men. We were putting the stuff into packets and stapling the names of the intended recipients on them. Healthy banter was on and people were generally commenting on the gifts.

Suddenly Deepti Aunty (a neighbor come in to help) exclaimed loudly…

“Arre, yeh Mohammad kaun hai? Sach sach batao, kisne aapki family main love marriage ki hai?!”
We were all flabbergasted as we knew there is no Mohammad in our family and no inter religious match till then. Suddenly we heard my maasi guffawing…

“Arre, Mohammad hamare driver ka naam hai… this shirt is for him…. Not for some family member!!!”

We all burst out laughing and a sheepish Deepti Aunty joined in soon!

Kahin Ye Wo To Nahi…!

At a recent wedding I attended, I saw a car with a prominent BJP logo on it. I wondered which BJP dignitary had come in, but later forgot about it. Later, Deepu bhaiyya told us how he pulled a fast one on our very simple Chandan Mama with the help of that BJP logo car.

The guy who owned the car coincidentally bore an uncanny resemblance to BJP president Nitin Gadkari. Deepu bhaiyya told Chandan Mama that the visitor is none other than the BJP president himself!!!

Chandan: What…? But how has he managed to come without a convoy and guards?
Deepu: Arre mama, I know him personally, so he has come for a personal visit without informing his convoy!
Chandan: I want go do Namaste to him.
Deepu: By all means! Just don’t call him by name, else his cover gets blown and word spreads. Ok? Chandan: Ok!

Poor Chandan mama went and did a respectful Namaste to that Mr. X of the BJP logo car. Mr. X was surprised, but returned the greeting expecting Chandan Mama to be some acquaintance he is not able to remember (in weddings u do tend to meet long forgotten people after all!). He kept by his side throughout the wedding and later dropped him off at his car (the effect was of course compounded by that huge BJP logo!).

Of course, Deepu Bhaiyya let Chandan mama believe that he had met Nitin Gadkari. :- ) And after he left, we were all regaled with the story of this charade. Boy, did we laugh… poor Chandan Mama!!!

Bhajji Khao Khud Jaan Jao

At this wedding I attended, there were a huge number of guests. I was a school kid then and had the company of 7-8 of my cousins of the same age group. At that wedding there was a large variety of bhajjis on platter. Cabbage, capsicum, mixed veg, cauliflower… spicy fried balls of all these and more were to be served to the guests.

Now, the caterers were short staffed and so we kids were requested to lend a hand with the serving. And since bhajjis are easy to serve around, we were given the responsibility of the bhajjis. Wrong decision!!!

We kids carried the bhajji trays and started slowly moving along the guests’ line. But for every few bhajjis we served, we popped a few in our mouths! This continued till the serving was done. We were thanked for our services and asked to start our lunches. It was then that we realized that we were simply not hungry! The bhajjis had filled our stomachs so much that we had no space left for the main course.

Our elders couldn’t understand our reluctance to have lunch. And when they understood the reason, they had a good laugh! I guess they realized we had been punished enough for our mischief by being unable to do justice to the great wedding lunch!!!

Weddings are funny… momentous event for the couple being united in holy matrimony and fun times for the family having got together for the function. And vignettes like these really add to the charm of weddings!



At 12:36 AM , Blogger mythalez said...

What I mostly remember about weddings is the confusion surrounding them :D.

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Bharat said...

Common, you can beat ekta kapoor....-(

At 8:23 PM , Blogger SHruti said...

--it's fun wtchng pple...and fightng for publicty and ...tryng to be in limlight all d time....-)

At 8:31 PM , Blogger SRILAXMI said...


Yeah, lots of confusion, esp in the minds of the bride n groom... :-((


Hey, u think i can beat the 'Queen of Soaps'... i take it as a compliment... ;-)


Is it... thats a different perspective... thnx 4 sharing!



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