Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A perusal of recent Indian news must be definitely evoking some expression of disgust from any sane citizen. The goings on in our country is becoming more bizarre day by day. One can just hope that the deterioration in the moral of fibre of certain citizens doesn’t become a norm and is more an exception (though I wish it could be eliminated altogether!!).

The macabre incidents in Nithari must have definitely induced shock & fury among the citizens. Magazines have given the perpetrator of ghoulish crimes, Pandher, the cover, thereby creating a greater awareness. As the events become clearer as the days pass, one really starts to wonder whom can one trust? Strangers are strangers; now even acquaintances will arouse suspicion in the minds of people.

The topic of trust brings to mind the next utterly condemnable incident: the Ganderbal Killings. If Pandher was probably a perverted mind then what about the law enforcers; the army and the police who have resorted to crime for purely selfish personal gains? Cruel seems too weak a word for them. I wish I could come up with a stronger one.

As a member of the general public, I am letting my mind wander. What was Pandher, a father himself, thinking when he inflicted acts of brutality on little children? Did he stop for a moment and think how would he have felt if the same had happened to his son, who is now trying his level best to portray his father as a ‘loving’ man? (any takers?) It is indeed saddening that a crime of this scale has happened in our country which is on the cusp of great development.

And then, what about our very trustworthy law enforcers? Terrorism has become something which our country is having to live with since years now. But today, I cannot but ask myself: who is the more cruel of the two? The terrorists who kill innocent civilians for (ostensibly) a mission? Or the very people who are supposed to stop the terrorists, the police and army, who kill civilians for (ugh!) PROMOTIONS?

India has always been known as a tolerant country. But India should definitely not tolerate these kinds of acts. Every such act brings India (which is soon becoming part of the elite group of nations) decades back. What use is economic growth if citizens still use their power (be it physical of positional) for cheap personal gains?

India is facing a lot of problems still, terrorism, poverty, and illiteracy being some of them. It will need selfless citizens to unite and solve all these problems.

But with this kind of degradation being seen in the moral fibre of the people, I wonder when our country will qualify to be called DEVELOPED, in the true sense of the word!