Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scream 4...

An incident, which created a scare on the day it happened, is now a laughable memory. I have a batchmate whose laptop has a collection of SOUNDS. Well, so do all of us, we do have songs n music u might say. But these sounds are different… these are human sounds, when humans are murdered, raped or tortured!! An assortment of yells, shrieks and screeches, it can make the strongest man’s blood curdle. And it was this collection that created a huge hullabaloo in our hostel.

As is the usual practice in hostels, we hostellers too sleep late (and doze off in classes if you please!!). On one such night where all girls were busy doing their own thing (reading, studying (gosh!! Who?), talking to the boyfriend over the phone) lazily into the night, we were disturbed by… yes you guessed right… a blood curdling SCREAM.

All of us stopped dead in our tracks. And most imaginative minds were working fast to identify the source. We second floor girls ran downstairs to alert the warden. On the way, we spotted a few faint-hearted juniors on the first floor weeping inconsolably!! We reached the ground floor and banged the warden’s door. But the heavy sleeper that she is, I m sure even an earthquake wouldn’t have woken her up.

And then came the second scream. We realized that it was coming from the 3rd floor that is unoccupied. The hair-raising scream literally petrified all of us. Was the terrace unknowingly left open? Had someone managed to come in? Or did some worker get left behind in the hostel (we had some masonry work still going on).

As all of us nimbly walked to the 3rd floor, we saw a strange sight. This girl and 2 of her friends coming down laughing from the 3rd floor. Now we were clueless. Where did those sounds come from?

On being confronted by an angry bunch of batchmates and terrified juniors, those girls let us in on what had happened. Apparently, they were trying out those sounds to prepare for a Panorama Skit!!

All of us were really wild with anger that day. We were really feeling like to give those girls a hiding for the scare they created. But then… nothing was done and the matter was closed after a few warnings to them.

Today I remember the incident with a smile on my lips… a funny memory at hostel!!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Flying Past...

My 3rd semester exams are going on… the last time I will be writing a final exam as a free jolly hosteller…My final sem exams will be sometime in August, when I will be well into a new and very different life.

As the days pass faster than imagined, I am realizing that my college days are coming to an end. I remember Karthik commenting on one of my early posts about how I will miss college after it is over. Maybe I will.

Sometimes while studying for exams when my mind wanders (mind you, my mind wanders ONLY when I am studying ;-) !!) I remember little incidents in my life as a student. Some bitter, some sweet… how treasured those memories will be one day!!

They might look rather common and insignificant to others, but, those incidents that gave me a laugh of tears at the moment which they occurred, I feel, are really precious to me.

Maybe, posting those on my blog will be a good way to relive those moments one day in the future…
‘Looking back on the tears would always make us laugh, but the moments we laughed together will make us cry one day!!’