Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Week Up.........

A week of being away from home is over. And it has been a great experience so far.
Yesterday was the climax of all the uneasiness we were feeling about our 'seniors' all these days. We had a great interactive session yesterday which resulted in bringing us really close to our seniors. Yeah, now the chasm has been bridged......
So what did I do? Well, I wish I had got some of the singing dancing stuff....but since I was one of the first to be grilled, i got off cheap. What is the RECENT controversy regarding the Da Vinci Code? I dunno...should find out!! What was the name of the curator, his granddaughter...whoo....and when Sunita insisted that the granddaughter was not Sophie Neveu but 'Merlin', I had to nodd my head in full agreement!!
Coming to Sunita, she is s senior I really really like. She is the coolest girl I've ever come across, a tomboy with just the right amount of feminism to make her an amazing person. She caught me wearing different watches daily (believe me, I have only 2 over here!) and soon as she came to know that they were 'branded' watches from linkin' road! Whats more, she feels that THAT is a major similarity between us, wearing 'branded' watches!![;-)]
But being in PR and Ad., she and her classmates will be leaving after 3 weeks. The interaction session ended on an emotional note with the PR girls coming together to sing "Yaaron" of KK. I really feel there is no better song to describe the role of friendship in someone's life.
So i told Sunita I really looked up to her for the person she is. And she in turn called me 'Miss. Funky'!! So much for my silly discomfort regarding the seniors!!
Coming to other matters, Me and Suranya have a new room mate now, a classmate we are not quite comfy with. But I guess hostel teaches you to be comfy with the most difficult people (I mean, Suranya is bearing up with me so well![;-)]).
We have our First presentation coming up on Friday, but we have as yet not made any progress. I think, for the 1st presentation itself, me and my group would have to burn midnight oil on the eve of presenting.....
Life is going great, with work, fun, all available. Amen!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Accounts, etc.....

I went into an MBA with an open mind, that I would be prepared for any kind of challenge, anything ahead. But after reaching the hostel, my resolve seems to be weakening a bit. Will I be able to study accounts? Will I be able to, at least, do as well as my classmates, majority of who are commerce grads? These thoughts are just eating into me nowadays. But the silver lining is that a lot of the commerce graduates in class are day schis and I have already managed to get a basic accounts book from a friend which should help me learn the ropes.
And the worry of ragging had been gnawing at me for days now. I am somehow, very noticeable as a fresher and I always get caught by the seniors. But what with being away from home for the first time and adjusting to new situations, I have been very uneasy for the past few days.
Fortunately the discomfort eased away yesterday when the seniors called me to their room and I found myself alone with around 10-11 of them. BUT.... they were actually very sweet. They kept on asking me why, inspite of hailing from such a small town, I looked 'hip-hop' (whatever....). But anyway, that went off well and now the fresher's day is around the corner (the date will be a surprise).
Suranya and me sat talking till around 12 am yesterday. I am extremely lucky to have her as my roomie!!
Life is going on, like the highway which is smooth at most parts except for a few humps at intervals.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Life At SCMS

I reached SCMS hostel on sunday. The hostel is pretty ok, food is also eatable [; -)]. And my roommate is a cool gal who had lived in hostels since her 3rd standard (unlike me, for whom this experience is a first). There hasn't been any ragging as yet (!!), but the aloof seniors are making life in hostel seem like life in jail.
But LIFE is becoming a revelation as days pass. Yesterday, we had a welcome programme at our college. And man!! wasn't it scary!! Everyone but everyone was advising, warning, requesting and cautioning us. So much so, at the end of the day (esp. after the 'counselling' by our group counsellor), I felt like leaving. But those feelings didnt last long. I'm quite comfy now and the seniors who shouted at me and Suranya (roommate) for not putting the chairs back (??) really dont matter. And who is afraid of hard work?
Anyway, now I am in the lab in college because I am free till 10:30 before my Basic Accounts induction programme starts. The best thing about the lab here is that the net access is toooo.... fast. And the worst thing is, there is no Yahoo Messenger. So my chat friends who read this, please do not offline me anymore!!
Life now sems to be an uphill task. When will I get properly settled in Cochin? I am not homesick exactly, but an uneasiness is still present.....
Before ending this post I'd like to say that I'll be pretty regular at blogging in future, at least till regular classes start. After that, well, i dunno.
See ya soon!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

I’m Leaving……

The time has finally come for me to leave home for hostel. I have no idea about the Internet facility in the college (though I’ve paid for it with my fees) and so; I do not know when I will be able to post something again.
The packing is almost done – my usually spick n’ span room was looking like 10 elephants had trampled through it. But now, with the suitcases shut, everything is clean again.
I’m leaving for Cochin on Sunday (10th July) morning. Classes should begin by the 11th.
So, till the next time I’m able to post something…………Goodbye!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Save the Environment

Well, most of the bloggers whose blogs I visit have put forward ideas for saving the environment. And I have been tagged by Utkarsh to do the same. I do not have any new ideas for saving the environment. But it helps if a few points are compiled in one space. And as the saying goes, charity begins at home. So I would like to confirm that I am (at least trying) to practice all these methods that I preach.
1. Do not waste paper. It is well known now that paper is made by cutting trees and wasting paper means a tree cut in vain. It is all well to decide that we’ll write on both sides of the paper, use leftover pages from an old notebook, etc. But there is one practice I’ve notice which is wasteful and pointless - wasting paper during exams. I do not know why there is this notion that heavier the answer book, greater the marks. I see my classmates sometimes leave out almost 3-4 pages from the main answer sheet so as to appear to have used a lot of additional sheets. I mean, the valuators aren’t so foolish!! Blank pages do not mean marks!! So with such practices, one is not only wasting paper, but also usually not achieving anything in return.
2. If you own a vehicle, make sure to check periodically that your vehicle is not polluting the environment (ok, a certain percentage of pollution is unavoidable, I guess!). But this is already being taken care of by the government with stringent rules regarding periodic pollution checks and a fine if the rules haven’t been complied with.
3. Do NOT burn waste. Over here, it is common practice to have a garbage dump and periodically burn the garbage collected (when the dump becomes full). My room is beside such a garbage dump. Though it is not visible, the days the garbage is burnt, I cannot sit in my room as the smoke coming in makes it impossible to sit there for long. Now I’m trying my level best to let at least garbage from our home go out to certain common garbage dumps (of the municipality.).
4. ‘Use Me’ wastebaskets are found at most public places and along roads. Make sure that you use them to throw waste. No point in saying – the place is so littered anyway – and throw the stuff anywhere. Someone HAS to make a beginning………
5. Lastly, I tag Cijal and MadV and hope they come up with some innovative (?) ways to save the environment……