Thursday, February 24, 2005


Yahoo!! The Control Systems exam FINALLY got over yesterday! And man! whatta paper! I was expecting a ‘lollipop’ paper, since it wasn’t a regular exam. But some of the questions did catch me unawares. I mean, why was the ‘Root Locus’ question so tough? Lucky for me, it was a solved example in one of the many texts I had referred to (arre! Yeh sab picchli baar kiya hota to yeh nobat hi na aati! ;-)) So I managed fine. But many of my friends failed to obtain the breakaway points. Means 12 marks gone jlt for them. And as usual, there is absolutely no consensus on the value of G.M. and P.M. of the ‘Bode Plot’. But anyway, for all the tension and sleepless nights, I think I can safely put ‘Control Systems’ behind me!


Sunday, February 20, 2005


I remember the times when my mum used to say – this reminds me of my days in Ruia! I used to immediately go – oh mum! Don’t start off now!! She’d then tell me – wait till nostalgia hits you, then you’ll know!
Mum was (as always!) right. The last week has been a week of memories coming back to me. Checking for Jilli’s birth date in my diary, I revisited all the days spent at Sacred Hearts. Entries by Nami, Laxmi and all the others brought back all those memories. Nothing can beat your school days, not even college!
A most uncanny coincidence, Byju requested me to write in his diary. That meant that I went all senti and nostalgic about those 2 years in CVG. The good and the bad, all came back to me in a rush.
Entries made in my diary by my seniors (who were my BEST friends in the XI th) and classmates in the XII th took me back to those days in my life which I hadn’t thought of for a long time. Some of the writers are much closer to me today than they were before (e.g. Byju). On the other hand, there are also many with who I was close earlier, but have absolutely no contact with now. Do they remember me now (around 4 years later)? Would I be able to contact them at all?
In the X th and XII th std., buying the a slam book with the best questions was a priority. My INTAS diary filled with entries of people who I wanted to remember was more like a complaint book with some people writing things that made me real sad. But today, those very diaries have helped me return to those wonderful days gone by!


Sunday, February 13, 2005


My Favorite Romantic Song – ‘Tera Mera Pyar’

Pehla ye pehla pyar tera mera soni, pehli ye mulaqat hai
Jo keh rahi hai aankhen, woh keh rahi hain baatein
Jaagi tu bhi saari raat hai
Pehla – hai pehla,
Tera Mera Pyar

Dil pe chala na jab zor koi, tu mere paas aa gayi,
Main tere paas aa gaya
Pyaasi hain teri ssansein, pyaasi hain meri saansein
Uss pe yeh barsaat hai
Pehla – hai pehla,
Tera Mera Pyar

Kab se the hum tum tanha akele, aaj tujhe chain mil gaya
Aaj mujhe chain mil gaya
Baahon mein meri tum, baahon mein teri hum
Aur yeh jawaan raat hai
Pehla – hai pehla,
Tera Mera Pyar

Ruk si gayi hain teri meri raahein hum jo saath aa gaye
Manzil ke paas aa gaye
Aaye the kahan se dono, jaayenge kahan pe dono
Yeh to ab kisse yaad hai
Pehla – hai pehla,
Tera Mera Pyar


Saturday, February 12, 2005

A Great Weekend!

The Bangalore trip turned out to be loads of fun! From the bus journey (sleeper coaches – why weren’t they thought of earlier?) to the climate (sunny, windy – just sooo.. comfortable!), everything paved the way for a great weekend.
Saturday began with a walk in Lalbagh. That was just a trailer for the amount of walking we would have to do during the rest of the trip though!! And how did those hibiscus’ turn out sooo large?!!! Ok, so I’m not one of those gardening mad girls, but you cannot but notice certain things!!!
Is Bangalore dirty? Well, visit Chickpet (the saree shopper’s heaven) or Kalasipalayam main to find out!! And believe me, this is the first time I’ve seen COWS crossing the road and also so much in accordance with the traffic rules!
The afternoon was completely (and fruitfully!) spent at the khadi exhibition opposite the Bangalore medical college. More than Gandhiji’s legacy, it was the cool prices that led to the throng of people there even at 2 pm in the afternoon!
‘Forum’ and ‘Big Bazaar’ constituted the whole evening. If the shops at ‘Forum’ were too elite to go beyond window shopping, ‘Big Bazaar’ was the complete opposite with people buying stuff as is they were leaving on a spaceship to Mars by the next day!!! (And it seems this is the case EVERYDAY!)
Though I cannot be grouped as a foodie, the amount of chaat and aloo parathas I gorged on at ‘Anand Vihar’ was really shocking (even for me!). I think the only state in the south that is so unaware about chaat must be Kerala!
Shopping, shopping and more shopping on Sunday. A lot of the shops were open (good for us!). Met up with Girija Aunty and family after more than a decade. Sanju looks like ‘Laddu’ from K3G now and Sneha looks pretty much like ‘Poo’. And the scrumptious lunch at Pai’s was so heavy; I had no dinner that night and no breakfast the next morning!!
The last leg of the great weekend – MG road, Commercial Street and Brigades. Got the black sandals I wanted. And the earrings that all girls seemed to be wearing there – the tiny pearl ones.
And with that, it was good-bye Bangalore, hello Kerala and HI COLLEGE!

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