Monday, January 31, 2005

Indian Idol- Sab Kuch Bhula De!!

When an announcement was made a few months back that a ‘new’ talent scouting show would be on air soon, I dismissed it with an “Oh no! Not again!” tag.
But at that time, I was not to know that I would one day, within a few weeks, become one of the show’s die-hard fans. Yes, now I wait for Indian Idol every week and catch every bit of trivia I can get about the contestants (especially my favorite Amit, but I believe Rahul has the greatest chance of winning!). The power of the show can be understood from the fact that leading actors and filmmakers come on the show every week to publicize their new releases.
Thus, as the show becomes more and more popular (and there are only 4 weeks remaining!!), it has already become a great favorite of mine. So it is a shock for me to see Rahul Saxena leave so soon, and Ravinder stay so long. Phone calls and SMSs to and from friends fly as soon as the results are announced.
And I wait impatiently for the next gala……………………


Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The Grisham finally got over today and I have got it out of my mind completely. Lucky I didn’t stop midway when the book had become too dull to read on – the good ending made up for the dull 50 pages in the middle. Maybe, I should just read more of such books and finally put a lid on those Agatha Christies (which anyway become so repetitive after you read more than 10 of them!).
Another day of zipping and unzipping files at ITDC over. Are we making any headway? Well, I have no clue!! I hope our guide knows what he is doing! Anyway, we decided to use tomorrow (Republic Day) fruitfully by not going to ITDC.
I feel like watching some movie but with the ‘Sword of Damocles’ (i.e. the Control Systems paper) hanging dangerously on my head, such thoughts have to be immediately banished. Why oh why do they have to have an Electrical main paper for Computer Science students in the 6th sem?!!
So back to books after more than a month of relaxation.
Cheers to that!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My 'Project'?!!

Another dreary day at ITDC came to an end. God!! What am I doing with my valuable time? A month gone with absolutely no work done. How did the days go by? Well, so fast that I could not keep track. And here I am, a week before my project submission date, wondering what the topic for my project is!
Byju tells me that Bangalore rocks. I’m sure it does. And I'm wondering what in the world I am doing here in the sweltering heat, and with no work to do!! Isn’t this enough to drive anyone crazy?!!
Well, so I have found real good friends in Jaisha and Vini. And that more than makes up for the disappointment of the last few weeks. After all, as KK says in ‘Rockford’
“Yaaron, dosti badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir, bolo yeh zindagi hai”

I wont have to cry anymore listening to this song. Just feel lucky that I possess the gift of true friendship