Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back Again

It is months since I sat at a PC in order to COMPOSE something original. There were times when daily events would come unbidden to my mind and make me feel… hey!! this can make a good post…!! But lack of time, change in lifestyle and irregular net access on my part ensured that my hibernation lasted so long. But not any longer.

My nearly 7 months in Mumbai, my Janmabhoomi, now Karmabhoomi also have been very eventful. I remember how, when in kerala, my college mates used to never realize I am a keralite and mistake me for a ‘northie’.

But here, however I look or speak, as soon as mention my name ‘SRILAXMI’, I get LOOKS and “Oh you are a South Indian” thrown at me. So much for hoity toity Mumbaikars (who incidentally don’t know whether Hyderabad is in AP or Karnataka!!). When a colleague asked me if I am a ‘Madrasi’, I was quite surprised as I didn’t know that that was a common term for all South Indians, albeit from any of the 4 state. I innocently replied that I was not. Know what… the ideal reply would’ve been “like how all North Indians are not Bhaiyyas, all South Indians are not Madrasis!!!” India is a country of diversities. And it is definitely possible to live in harmony… provided a little broad mind and restraint while speaking are exercised. But still, I love Mumbai, no complaints.

But this post is not about any TOPIC. It is about life. Funny na however much you hate your college, certain staff and the general treatment meted out to you, your heart is heavy on your last day… However much you dislike being in Kerala, you feel a sense of homecoming when you touch down in your state again… My new life is becoming a revelation to me about myself… what I really am… how much I can change… how a person, after seeing so many crests in life suddenly meets with a trough which is really deep and lasts really long…

But I am raring to go now… exams done… trying for a change of job… music and books are back in my life again… and hope is reigning supreme. So much so, I have created time for blogging also…

So here’s to a great new innings… aloha…!!!